State Subsidized Family (Chapter 705) Housing Opportunities

The WHA’s family, rental, housing 705 program is a state-funded program aiming to provide rental housing for low-income families. The Westford Housing Authority (WHA) has six (6) family apartments, located in the Graniteville section of Town. Three of the units contain two bedrooms and three units contain three bedrooms. As with the elderly housing, only income-eligible families may apply and rents are based on income. Residents in our family housing pay their own utilities and maintain their own yards and driveways in the winter.

Current (February 2015) income levels for eligibility in this program:

Two-person family: $52,650
Three-person family: $59,250
Four-person family:$65,800
Five-person family:$71,100
Six-person family: $76,350

This program provides for local preference for Westford residents.

Moderate Income Rental Housing Opportunities

The Westford Housing Authority owns three condominiums in a private condominium complex located at the Brookside Mill in Westford that are rented to moderate-income families for $850.00 per month plus utilities. Income eligibility is necessary to qualify (see income limits under Chapter 705 housing).

Housing for Persons with Special Needs

In 1999, the WHA opened two homes for persons with special needs in Westford. This program provides group home, supported living for eight persons suffering from mental illness. The WHA has contracted with the Department of Mental Health for a vendor to work within the two homes to provide 24 hour/day support and services to the residents who live there. Anyone interested in learning more about supportive housing for persons with special needs should contact the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health or the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services.